Pain is similar to the “check engine” light in your car.

It is not ‘normal’ and should not be ignored as it is often signaling that something is not quite right. However, it does not have to keep you from training hard or working towards your goals in the gym.

If you’re experiencing pain during or after your workout, it may be signaling that there is some movement dysfunction or limitation that needs to be addressed.

We can address some of these limitations by modifying your exercise program in the following areas:

- Regressing to a non-provocative exercise alternative (i.e. back squat to goblet squat)

- Choosing lower-impact exercises (i.e. running to cycling)

- Training in pain-free ranges of motion

- Slowing down your movement

- Decreasing the weight

- Decreasing the sets/reps

By making some of these changes, we can help you to continue challenging yourself in the gym while staying safe, healthy, and pain-free.

*Disclaimer: this is not medical advice. If you continue to experiencing pain during or after your workouts, please contact a medical professional for further evaluation of your condition.

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